What Does a Tooth Extraction Feel Like?

December 10, 2020

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an up-close view of a pair of dental pliers holding an extracted tooth

If you recently learned you need a tooth extraction in Marysville, you are probably asking many questions, one of which is, “Will it hurt?” It is natural for anyone undergoing any type of dental surgery to what more information about the process and procedure. Fortunately, your local dentist understands the concerns you might have. Read on to hear what they have to say about this common treatment and what you can expect as you take the next step toward better oral health.

Why Does a Tooth Need to Be Extracted?

Should your dentist in Marysville recommend a tooth be removed, it is likely because there is a problem that, if left untreated, could potentially harm your oral health. A dental professional will always try to save a damaged or decayed tooth, but if the problem is too severe and is threatening nearby teeth and bone (i.e., abscess or gum disease), the only option available is to remove it.

It may also be necessary to extract a tooth if you experience overcrowding and there is little room for new teeth to erupt, you require orthodontic treatment but need appropriate space for teeth to shift, or you need to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Will the Procedure Hurt?

During your initial appointment, your dentist will go over the entire process and how it is performed. Depending on the status of the tooth in question, you will either undergo a simple or surgical procedure. The former uses specialized dental instruments to gently move the tooth back and forth until it detaches. The latter requires a surgical procedure that includes making an incision in the gums and removing the tooth that is impacted (not erupted). Typically, the tooth will be removed in pieces to ensure an easier, more seamless process.

No matter the type of extraction, you can trust that your dental team will make sure you are comfortable. Before the procedure begins, they will administer anesthesia to numb the tooth, gum, and bone tissue. If necessary, you may be able to talk to your dentist about receiving sedation to help keep you calm and relaxed during the appointment. Between the anesthetic and sedation, you will feel no pain throughout your procedure.

It is common to feel some soreness and discomfort once the anesthesia wears off, but your dental team will provide you with detailed instructions to help minimize any pain or swelling following your extraction.

Tooth extractions are most commonly performed as a last resort in an attempt to save a person’s oral health. If you are recommended for one, do not worry. Your dentist will go to great lengths to keep you comfortable and safe while putting your oral health back on track.

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Dr. Michael Giovine attended Western Washington University in Bellingham before later going on to the Oregon Health and Science University where he earned his doctorate. As one of three dentists at Allen Creek Family Dentistry, he and his colleagues want you to find relief from any pain or discomfort you might be feeling as a result of a bothersome tooth. Should you require a tooth extraction, you can rest easy knowing our team will be by your side the entire time to make sure you are safe and comfortable. Contact us via our website or by calling (360) 651-2900 to let us help improve your oral health.

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