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3 Ways to Tell It Is Time For New Veneers

3 Ways to Tell It Is Time For New Veneers

Replacing veneers in Marysville may not seem like something you should be too concerned about, especially at the start of your treatment. However, being unaware of the signs or waiting too long can leave your smile looking lackluster. To ensure you maintain a flawless, beautiful appearance, here are three ways you can tell it is time to see your dentist about getting a new set of veneers.

Gum Recession Causing Gaps

If you are neglecting your oral hygiene habits and develop gum disease, it is possible that your soft oral tissues can begin to recede. As a result, a gap will form between the top of the veneer and your gum line, resulting in your underlying tooth structure becoming exposed. This not only makes it visibly noticeable to others that you are, indeed, wearing veneers, but you will need to undergo periodontal therapy to address the infection before having new restorations put into place.

Natural Wear and Tear

Over time, you will begin to notice that your veneers become a little rough around the edges. Each time you eat or bite down, you apply just enough pressure that it wears down even natural teeth. This continual process can cause your veneers to no longer possess the same shape as when they were applied, and you may notice slight chips or cracks forming in the porcelain. Should you discover this is making you more self-conscious, you will need to make an appointment with your dentist to discuss veneer replacement in Marysville.

Stains Are Beginning to Show

It is important to remember that veneers cannot be whitened. No matter how much bleaching gel you apply, it will not change the shade of your restorations. This is because they are not porous like traditional tooth enamel. However, they can develop stains over time, especially if you are consuming too many dark-colored foods and beverages or smoking. Much of the surface discoloration you notice can typically be removed with brushing, but if you notice the stains are not lifting as easily, it may be that the stains are too deep. The only option is to have them replaced.

Veneers are a costly investment and one you want to make worthwhile. Make sure you are practicing good oral hygiene habits at home, avoiding tobacco products, keeping your checkup and cleaning appointments, using non-abrasive toothpaste, and wearing a mouthguard to protect your smile. In doing so, you will keep your veneers lasting for years to come.


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