4 Factors That Determine When You Can Return to Work After Dental Implant Surgery

4 Factors That Determine When You Can Return to Work After Dental Implant Surgery

Preparing for dental implant surgery requires knowing how much time you need to take off of work. After all, your gums and bone will be sore immediately following your procedure, and you will want to make sure you get plenty of rest before attempting to resume any kind of normal activity. But if you are like most people, you do not necessarily want to be away from your work responsibilities for too long. To offer additional insight, a local dentist shares four factors that are used to determine how long you can expect to wait before heading back to the office.

Clocking Out: How Long You Will Need to Wait Before Returning to Work

It is not uncommon for most patients who undergo dental implant surgery to be back at work within 1-2 days; however, this is not always the case. Because each situation varies in complexity, some individuals may prefer to take an entire week off to ensure proper healing and rest. While many factors can ultimately determine just how long you can expect to be at home recovering, here are four of the most prominent ones:

Preliminary Treatments: During your consultation, your dentist will determine if you need preliminary treatments. If so, you can expect the timeline for these procedures to be factored in. Bone grafting, periodontal therapy, and even tooth extraction all require some form of recovery, which will require you to take time off work.

How Many Dental Implants You Need: If only one missing tooth is being replaced, you may only need to take 1-2 days off, but if you require a full arch and between 4 and 8 dental implants, you may want to go ahead and take another 3-4 days to rest and heal.

Overall Health: Your immune system will ultimately determine how long it takes for you to heal. If you suffer from a specific health condition or autoimmune disorder, it may be necessary to take additional time off work to allow your smile to heal more thoroughly.

Recovery Commitment: If you listen to your dentist and follow their clear instructions, you will likely be back at work in no time. But if you choose to disregard the steps and guidelines you are encouraged to adhere to, you may find yourself in an unfortunate predicament that causes you to miss even more work.

The Importance of a Full Recovery

Yes, dental implants in Marysville take much longer to place than dental bridges or dentures; however, when choosing to invest in a more permanent and longer-lasting solution, you want to make sure you are taking every precaution to keep your new smile in optimal shape. Your dentist will provide you with clear instructions regarding your recovery. Adhering to these guidelines is essential if you want to make sure your new teeth fuse with the bone. Otherwise, you put yourself at risk for serious complications that can lead to dental implant failure.

Your dentist understands missing work can be inconvenient and worrisome. But if you want to take charge of your oral health and enjoy a longer-lasting, life-changing smile, a few days or even a week off work is not too much to ask.


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