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Dentist in Marysville Explains the Link Between Healthy Digestion and Your Mouth

Dentist in Marysville Explains the Link Between Healthy Digestion and Your Mouth

If you think about it, our mouths play a big role in the way our body works. Everything we consume passes by the teeth and gums, along the tongue, and down through the throat. From food particles to bacteria, our oral health is a clear indicator as to how your body will react to the things we ingest. This is why a dentist in Marysville explains why the health and status of your oral cavity are pivotal when it comes to healthy digestion. Find out more about the connection and what you can do to keep your teeth and gums in optimal shape, as well as your digestive system.

The First Indicator: Your Mouth

When you feel sick, you may think about the last thing you ate. Oftentimes, a simple stomach bug is the result of greasy food or something you consumed just not settling well. Your mouth can say a lot about what is going on in your body. When it comes to your digestive system, you may not realize there is a problem for quite some time, that is, unless you start by looking at your mouth.

If you are brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice a day for two minutes, flossing at least once a day, and rinsing using an antiseptic mouthwash, your gums are probably in great shape. Add the fact that you are diligent in keeping your regularly scheduled dental appointments, and you can feel confident that your mouth and digestion are in tip-top shape.

For individuals who avoid the dentist and lack in practicing good oral hygiene, gum disease can be one of the biggest signs of a potential digestive disease.

Oral Health Signs: What They Say About Your Digestion

When considering exactly what problems can result in difficulties with your digestion, here are a few symptoms to be aware of:

  • Red patches on the gums or cheek interior
  • Metabolic conditions (Type 2 Diabetes or Obesity)
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Celiac disease

These are just a few of the many conditions that can be linked to poor digestion and overall health problems. Whether it is a deficiency of certain nutrients, a weakened immune system, or a greater chance of developing gum disease, it is important to talk to your dentist in Marysville about ways to keep your mouth healthy.

Ways to Improve Your Oral Health and Ultimately, Your Overall Health

If you are ready to put your gut “in check” and take action to clean up your mouth, there are some suggested ways to accomplish this, including:

  • Seeing your dentist every six months for a regular dental checkup and cleaning. Not only will this ensure there are no problems developing, but if there are, your dental team can take immediate steps to address the issue and stop it before it progresses.
  • Brushing your teeth with a soft-bristled head and fluoride toothpaste. You will need to do this twice a day for two full minutes. It takes that long to rid the mouth of bacteria, so if necessary, set a timer.
  • Flossing at least once a day to get between teeth and remove bacteria and food particles living in the crevices of your mouth.
  • Rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash. This flushes out anything that is left behind after brushing or flossing.
  • Limiting the amount of sugar you are consuming. Sugar leads to harmful bacteria growing and turning into plaque, which causes tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Eating a well-balanced diet. It is important to make sure your body is getting enough fruits, vegetables, protein, and good carbohydrates each and every day.
  • Drinking plenty of water. Staying hydrated is key to staying healthy, both body and mouth. Dry mouth leads to halitosis, tooth decay, and gum disease, so keep your mouth moist by drinking water throughout the day.

Give your body and mouth the care they deserve! By following these suggested tips, you will be well on your way to avoiding both mouth and gut diseases, both of which will keep you feeling happy and healthy for years to come.


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