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Dentist in Marysville Explains Why Detox Water is Bad for Your Teeth

Dentist in Marysville Explains Why Detox Water is Bad for Your Teeth

Nowadays, if you want to be “healthy,” you have to throw just about every piece of fruit or citrus into your water. Everyone seems to be carrying a bottle of water loaded down with cucumbers, strawberries, oranges, and lemons. You cannot walk into a spa without seeing a large decanter with the same or similar ingredients. What happened to just regular water? While these fruits and vegetables may be good for your health in some ways, a dentist in Marysville explains why this special “detox water” can be harmful to your teeth.

What is Detox Water?

If you are looking to cleanse your body of all those horrible toxins and lose some weight, detox water seems to be the way to do it these days. Also known as “skinny water,” people are using herbs and fruits to infuse their water and shed some unwanted pounds. While it may be encouraging people to stay hydrated by drinking flavored water, it is harming your teeth more than you realize.

Why is it Harmful to Your Teeth?

Many of the ingredients found in detox water are citrus fruits. Some of these include:

  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Pineapple
  • Blueberries
  • Mangoes
  • Peaches
  • Pomegranates

If you are not already aware, citrus is one of the worst things for your teeth. Why? Because fruits are filled with sugar and are highly acidic, which wears down the enamel. Bacteria that results in tooth decay can develop, and when this happens, you will more than likely need a filling to address the cavities living in your mouth.

The best solution is to opt for clear water. We know for some people it can be much harder to drink because it does not have a taste, but if you are working out in the yard or gym, or if you are taking a stroll with your dog, regular water will help quench your thirst, hydrate your body, and keep your teeth clean and free from tooth decay.

What if I Can’t Bring Myself to Drink Regular Water?

What you should really know and understand is that drinking detox water is fine…in moderation. It is not advisable to drink it throughout the day, as it is continually coming into contact with your teeth. However, if you simply cannot make yourself drink regular water, be sensible with your detox water. Drink it during breakfast, then go and brush your teeth. Or, consider using a straw to limit the amount of contact the acid has with your teeth.

Your family dentist in Marysville understands that regular drinking water is not going to be the drink of choice for everyone. But if you want to keep your teeth as healthy as possible, it might be worth trying a few different methods for drinking your detox water. When it comes to staying healthy, your mouth matters just as much as your waistline, so don’t pay attention to sites claiming that detox water will make you feel better from head to toe.


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