Get a Single Tooth Implant in Marysville for Teeth Replacement

Get a Single Tooth Implant in Marysville for Teeth Replacement

If you are missing more than one tooth, then you and your dentist may be talking about dental implants for replacement. In some cases, a single tooth implant in Marysville can be used to support one or more dental crowns. In fact, there are popular techniques that require just a few implants to support an entire denture. Read on to learn more about when a single implant can be used to replace more than one missing tooth.

One Implant, Two Teeth

Typically, one dental implant is embedded in the jaw to support one replacement tooth. It functions as a natural tooth root that stabilizes the bone tissue. In some instances, one implant may also be able to support more than one tooth at a time. But how?

Your dentist may decide in favor of using one implant for multiple tooth replacement if your jawbone does not have enough volume to support several implants or if that volume is not consistent along your jaw. Then, implants can be placed strategically to take advantage of the spots where the bone is strong.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Removable tooth replacement options such as a fixed bridge or partial denture only rest on top of your gums. Because dental implants are embedded in your jawbone, there are two primary benefits.

First, the implant anchors your new tooth in much the same way that a natural tooth root does. The dental implant and surrounding bone tissue fuse together. This process is called osseointegration. As you heal from implant surgery, the biocompatible titanium implant and your jawbone gradually fuse together. After a few months, this fusion creates a secure foundation for your eventual tooth restoration, which is usually a porcelain crown for a single missing tooth or a fixed bridge for more than one.

Secondly, an implant stimulates healthy new bone tissue growth. Without a root, jawbone begins to melt away. This is a common consequence when one or more teeth have been missing for some time. The same can happen with a partial or full denture that rests on your gums. The denture may fill out your cheeks, but bone tissue is still missing the important presence of a tooth root. This long-term problem is eliminated with dental implants.

If you are dealing with any number of missing teeth and would like to know more about dental implants in Marysville, give your dentist a call today.

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