What Your Dentist is Doing to Prepare for Your Visit

What Your Dentist is Doing to Prepare for Your Visit

You have always known that your dentist’s office is a safe and clean place to visit. From the fresh and sterile smell and appearance when you arrive to the masks and gloves team members wear while taking care of your teeth, health and safety are top priorities. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has caused everyone to re-evaluate just how clean every surface, object, and person truly is, which is why your dentist in Marysville is pleased to walk you through the steps they are taking to prepare for your upcoming visit.

5 Ways Your Dentist is Preparing for Your Visit

It takes a lot of work to make sure a dental office is clean and ready for patients. When you schedule an appointment, it is the responsibility of every staff member to make sure that when you arrive, the environment you walk into is clean and sanitized, and the people are ready to take care of your dental needs.

So what dental safety protocols are your dentist following to prepare for your upcoming arrival? Here are just a few of the many steps they are taking:

Establishing a “Safety Champion”: Each day, a new staff member will be designated the “Safety Champion,” which means they will be responsible for making sure all areas are properly cleaned and sanitized, as well as welcome guests and ensure all health and safety rules and guidelines are properly followed.

Ensuring All Staff Has Proper Training: This does not refer to dental training. Instead, your dentist will make sure all staff members understand and adhere to the new rules put forth by the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), American Dental Association (ADA), and the Occupational Safety & Hazard Administration (OSHA) as they pertain to COVID-19 and dental care.

Administering Daily Health Checks of Staff: From the moment a staff member arrives, their temperature will be checked, and questions asked regarding their current state of health. This is necessary to ensure they are healthy and able to care for patients without putting anyone at risk for contracting the virus.

Making Sure Everyone Practices Social Distancing: Not only will lobby furniture be moved to remain in compliance with new social distancing standards, but your dentist will also make sure staff maintaining a safe distance from each other and patients when not treating an individual directly.

Requiring Patients Perform an Antimicrobial Rinse: Because dental problems like gum disease weaken the immune system and make you more susceptible to illness, you may be asked to use an antimicrobial rinse before your appointment to eliminate as many germs and harmful bacteria as possible to reduce exposure.

What You Can Do Before You Arrive

While your dentist will be taking precautions to keep their staff safe, you can also do your part to maintain a healthy and virus-free dental office. How? By doing the following:

  • Avoiding the dentist’s office if you are sick or are displaying symptoms associated with COVID-19
  • Washing your hands with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds
  • Wearing a face mask to your appointment
  • Following the safety measures put forth by your dentist’s office
  • Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine while at home to reduce bad bacteria from accumulating and causing your oral and overall health to weaken

Although it is impossible to eliminate all germs, you can be certain that your dental team is doing everything possible to minimize them before you arrive.


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