Who Can Sedation Dentistry Help?

Who Can Sedation Dentistry Help?

The idea of visiting the dentist’s office terrifies you. The needles, instruments, equipment, sounds, sights, and smells all work together and cause you to fall victim to anxiety, keeping you from seeking the dental care you need. If this has been the story of your life, there is good news. With the help of a sedation dentist in Marysville, you can change the way you view dentistry and prepare for a more enjoyable experience each time you visit. Read on to discover the unique qualities they are looking for when considering individuals for sedation.

The Damaging Effects of Dental Anxiety

The most damaging aspect of dental anxiety is the lack of regular care. You may not think much about these six-month appointments until the date begins to draw near. Within weeks, you begin looking for any reason to cancel with the excuse of “calling back later to reschedule.” Unfortunately, that call back usually does not happen.

When too much time passes, oral health problems can begin to develop, leading to serious issues that affect not only the mouth but also the body. What can be stopped with antibiotics or even a minor filling quickly turns into an immediate root canal or tooth extraction.

But it does not have to be this way! Instead, sedation dentistry can be exactly what you need to start taking better care of your smile and ultimately, your entire well-being.

What Qualities Does a Dentist Look For When Considering Sedation?

Not everyone is a candidate for sedation dentistry. There are certain instances (i.e., pregnancy) that may require a person to wait until a later time to undergo certain procedures. However, if you possess any of the following qualities, there is a good chance you will be given the green light to receive oral conscious sedation:

  • You suffer from mild, moderate, or severe dental phobia or anxiety
  • You have a sensitive gag reflex
  • You are preparing to undergo multiple, complex dental treatments
  • You have a fear of needles
  • You find it difficult to sit still for prolonged periods because of an injury or chronic condition

It is important to remember, however, that you must disclose your medical history as well as any medications you are currently taking before receiving sedation. This allows your dentist to determine whether there might potential complications that might arise.

Your decision to pursue sedation dentistry is one of the best investments you can make in your smile. Instead of dodging your next dental appointment out of fear, you can feel confident entering the dentist’s office and receiving safe and effective care.

About the Author

Dr. Michael Giovine is a dentist in Marysville, WA, who attended Western Washington University in Bellingham before later going on to the Oregon Health and Science University where he earned his doctorate. As one of three dentists at Allen Creek Family Dentistry, he and his colleagues believe in creating a safe and comfortable environment for all patients. If you suffer from dental anxiety, contact us via our website or by calling (360) 651-2900 to find out how we can help change the way you view dentistry.


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