Why Get Fillings Before the End of the Year?

Why Get Fillings Before the End of the Year?

Has your dentist recently suggested fillings in Allen Creek to address your cavities? This common method of treatment can go a long way in preventing more serious problems in the future, but you might be saying, “I am not in any pain, so what is the rush?” If you want to prevent more costly procedures down the road and avoid losing valuable money at the end of the year, you will go ahead and book your appointment now. Read on to learn about the benefits of maximizing your insurance coverage while there is still time.

The Pitfalls of Avoiding Necessary Dental Treatment

What happens if you do not get fillings? The truth is that you can face a multitude of costly treatments in the future, leaving your smile weaker and your wallet empty. When decay occurs within one or more teeth, you may be lucky enough to have a dental filling quickly take care of the problem. However, if it worsens, and the decay enters into the dentin layer, you will likely need a dental crown to better protect the tooth. More serious than needing a crown is undergoing a root canal.

When an infection reaches the innermost layer of your tooth, the pulp or nerve can be affected, resulting in immense pain. Without timely treatment, you can face losing your tooth altogether.

While the idea of a dental filling may not sound like the ideal way to close out 2020, the process will not only save your oral health from worsening conditions, but it will give you a healthier smile as you enter into 2021 and keep more money in your wallet.

How a Filling Can Help You Maximize Your Benefits

Dental insurance benefits do not roll over at the end of the year. Any remaining balance left unused will be returned to the insurer, causing you to lose more of your hard-earned cash. Instead of letting this happen, it is important that you understand why getting one or more fillings before the end of 2020 will actually save you money.

  1. Most dental insurance companies cover dental fillings at 70-80%, so your out-of-pocket expenses will be very little, allowing you to save big when paying for this type of treatment.
  2. Regular dental care (i.e. checkups and cleanings) is typically covered at 100% by most insurance companies. By getting your two annual visits in before December 31, your dentist can identify if there are problem areas and recommend the necessary treatment, which will not only serve to improve your oral health but also help you take advantage of your annual maximum before the end of the year.
  3. While receiving your dental fillings, should your dentist notice that more extensive treatment is needed, they may be able to spread out your care over multiple calendar years. This will keep your out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum while taking advantage of this year’s and next year’s annual maximum.

Don not put off necessary dental treatment. If you want to step into 2021 with a show-stopping smile and a larger bank account, take the steps to get the care you need right now.


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