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Children's Dentistry in Marysville

mom and toddler holding toothbrushesChildren grow up in the blink of an eye. Just yesterday, you were coaxing them to take that first step and now they want the keys to the car! Through the years, their well being has been a priority, and an important part of ensuring their health is quality dental care. The children’s dentist in Marysville at Allen Creek Family Dentistry provides comprehensive dental services for children from infancy through childhood and the teenage years. Helping your children establish a foundation of regular dental visits to your family dentist will set them on a course for a lifetime of healthy smiles.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends bringing your children to the dentist for an initial visit on or before their first birthday.  This early appointment allows our doctors to check the development of your son or daughter’s teeth as well as his or her bite. We will also be able to give you tips on what you should be doing at home to ensure that your children have healthy teeth and mouths. These steps include:

Kids’ Dental Checkup

child holding dental xraysYour child’s dental checkup will proceed similarly to your own. The dentist will examine each one of their teeth as well as their gums, looking for signs of decay and gum disease. If necessary, our dentists and team members can repair a cavity in a little tooth or treat for gum disease before it begins to advance. A word of caution: never share eating utensils or put a child’s pacifier in your mouth. Doing so can easily transfer decay-causing bacteria from your mouth to your child’s.

A child’s teeth need professional cleaning twice a year too, just like the other members of your family. This procedure removes surface stains to keep those pearly whites bright and eliminates plaque and tartar buildup.

Fluoride Treatments and Dental Sealants

dentist and hygienist with child patientFluoride is a natural mineral that helps to strengthen enamel.

Dental sealants are used in conjunction with fluoride. Liquid sealant is painted on to the biting surfaces of molars. Once dried, the liquid hardens to form a solid barrier that blocks oral bacteria from becoming trapped in the pits and grooves of these teeth.


We look forward to welcoming both you and your children to Allen Creek Family Dentistry!