Children’s Dentistry – Marysville, WA

Keeping Kids Smiling for a Lifetime

Mother and daughter smiling together after children's dentistry visit

Children grow up in the blink of an eye. Just yesterday, you were coaxing them to take that first step and now they want the keys to the car! Through the years, their well being has been a priority, and an important part of ensuring their health is quality dental care. Our children’s dentist in Marysville provides comprehensive dental services for little ones from infancy through childhood and their teenage years. Helping your kids establish a foundation of regular dental visits with children's dentistry in Marysville, WA that will set them on a course for maintaining healthy smiles for a lifetime.

Why Choose Allen Creek Family Dentistry for
Children’s Dentistry?

  • Focused on Patient Education
  • Kid-Friendly Cavity Treatments
  • We Accept Dental Insurance

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings
for Kids

Young girl smiling after dental checkup and teeth cleaning

Your child’s dental checkup will proceed similarly to your own. The dentist will examine each one of their teeth as well as their gums, looking for signs of decay and gum disease. If necessary, our dentists and team members can repair a cavity in a little tooth or treat for gum disease before it begins to advance. A word of caution: never share eating utensils or put a child’s pacifier in your mouth. Doing so can easily transfer decay-causing bacteria from your mouth to your child’s.

A child’s teeth need professional cleaning twice a year too, just like the other members of your family. This procedure removes surface stains to keep those pearly whites bright and eliminates plaque and tartar buildup.

Dental Sealants

Child receiving dental sealants

Dental sealants are a simple and effective form of preventive treatment that can result in a lower risk of cavities. The sealant is designed to cover the pits and folds in the chewing surfaces of back teeth which can be difficult areas to reach when first learning how to brush and floss at home. Once in place, they will block out food particles and bacteria that are likely to cause decay. Dental sealants should last with the help of oral hygiene and regular professional dental checkups, and our dentists may recommend having teeth resealed so that your family can enjoy continued protection against cavities.

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Closeup of child placing sportsguard

If you or your child loves playing sports that involve physical contact with hard objects or other players, it is important to wear a custom-made sportsguard to protect your teeth from potential harm. We recommend our high-quality, custom-made models as a significant improvement over the “one-size-fits-all” devices that can be found at the local athletics store. The patient will be able to breathe easier, move their jaw comfortably and speak to other players while wearing the mouth guard, making their experience on the court or field much more positive overall.

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