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Trusted Marysville Dentist for All Your Dental Emergencies

woman suffering from toothache

When urgent injuries strike at a moment’s notice, having a trusted dental team already in your corner can make these troubling experiences much easier to handle.

At Allen Creek Family Dentistry, we value the trust our patients place in us.  Our neighborhood office is a welcoming and personal environment where patients of all ages can feel at ease. If you are from the Marysville area or a surrounding location and are experiencing a dental emergency, do not hesitate to contact us.

How to Handle a Dental Emergency?

When a true dental emergency happens,  having a plan is often the best way to proceed. Take these steps first:

  1. Stop The Bleeding. If a serious blow to the face or a hard fall causes a tooth to be knocked out or dislodged, then there may be bleeding. Use a clean cloth or gauze pad to apply firm but gentle pressure. Bleeding should slow or stop within 10 minutes. If it continues at a heavy rate, please head to the nearest hospital emergency room or call 911.
  2. Handle with Care. If you still have your dislodged tooth, try to touch only the crown (the white portion). Natural tissue may still be attached to the root and this is important to maintain if your emergency dentist in Marysville is able to replant the tooth.  Please store it in a sealed container filled with milk or a mild saline solution and call us immediately.
  3. Be Gentle. For a tooth that is dislodged, you can try to gently move it back into place. Try not to use significant force, however, because this can cause additional damage.

Other Dental Emergencies

Although a knocked out or dislodged tooth is probably the incident that first comes to mind when you think of a dental emergency, there are plenty of other possibilities that we consider urgent. A toothache, for example, may be an indication of an infected tooth that requires root canal therapy. In this case, pain and swelling can be severe.

Also, a chipped or broken tooth can represent more than simply a cosmetic issue. Depending on how deep the break is, the nerve of the tooth may be at risk. Apply a cold compress to alleviate any pain and call our office right away so the dentist can evaluate the situation. Our team is here to help!

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