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Family Dentistry – Marysville, WA

Exceptional Dental Care for Patients Young and Old

You can still have a family dentist. Did you know that? One dental office that can take care of all the dental needs for everyone in your family. At Allen Creek Family Dentistry, our team is equally capable of treating your children to a fun and friendly cleaning and exam as well as providing services for adults and elderly patients who may need to have teeth restored or even replaced. Rely on the Allen Creek Family dentistry team to provide a complete menu of options for family dentistry in Marysville, WA, so you only need to make one stop to ensure everyone’s smiles.

Dental Hygiene and Exams

Multi-generational family smiling after family dentistry visit

The first step toward ensuring a healthy smile for each member of your family is a dental checkup. Scheduled every six months, these appointments help you enjoy a clean smile and a fresh mouth. They also help us track your oral health because we are able to monitor the condition of your teeth and gums and notice changes at these regularly scheduled visits.

A dentist in Allen Creek looks for tooth decay. Each tooth is visually examined and probed, and annual digital X-rays locate decay happening below the enamel surface or between your teeth. We will also measure the depth of gum pockets around your teeth. If any are deeper than four centimeters, this may mean that you have gum disease.

Dental Services for Adults

Little boy at the dentist

Just as the body ages, so do your teeth. They may fracture or break.  Infection is also a possibility. Fortunately, Allen Creek Family Dentistry has the restorative treatments necessary to renew your smile.

For instance, after years and years of biting and chewing pressure, a molar may begin to show signs of splitting, which could compromise the tooth’s integrity. In this case, the dentist may recommend a crown to completely cover and protect the tooth from further damage. A crown can also be used to rebuild a broken tooth.

If not treated quickly enough, then a severely cracked or broken tooth can become infected as bacteria migrate deep inside the tooth. Then, a root canal is performed to remove the infection and preserve your tooth.

Bruxism and TMJ

Smiling woman in dentist chair

If there is someone in your house that grinds or clenches his or her teeth, we offer treatment for that, too. Also called bruxism, grinding and clenching may cause teeth to become more worn and sensitive than usual. In addition, bruxism can lead to TMJ dysfunction, which affects the jaw joints that allow you to open and close your mouth. For both conditions, a custom-fitted nightguard can be prescribed. This comfortable oral appliance is worn during sleep when grinding and clenching most often occur.

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