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Have you ever wondered why dentists recommend always using toothpaste with fluoride? The reason is simple: fluoride is a key weapon in the battle against tooth decay. For this reason, your dentists at Allen Creek Family Dentistry may recommend professional fluoride treatments in Marysville, WA for you or another member of your family.

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What is Fluoride?

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Fluoride is a mineral that is found in rocks and soil. Today, you can also find it in most municipal water supplies. Back in the 1920s, researchers discovered the value of adding fluoride to water. In communities that practiced water fluoridation, there was a marked decrease in the occurrence of tooth decay. While decay is still a problem today, there is far less thanks to almost nationwide fluoridation.

Why Do Teeth Need Fluoride?

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Each and every day, your tooth enamel loses and gains minerals through two processes: demineralization and remineralization. Mineral loss or demineralization happens when acids in bacterial plaque and sugars begin to attack the enamel. Mineral gain or mineralization happens when you consume foods and water that have minerals such as fluoride, calcium, and phosphate. If demineralization outpaces mineralization, then the likelihood of tooth decay increases. That is why fluoride exposure is so important.

What Exactly Does Fluoride Do?

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Whether in water, toothpaste, or a special dental treatment, fluoride enables your teeth to better withstand the daily barrage of acids in your mouth. In addition, fluoride can help reverse early decay so you do not end up having a cavity.

Fluoride is especially important and helpful to children’s smiles. Research shows that in children under the age of six years old, fluoride becomes incorporated in teeth as they develop. In this way, teeth are stronger, and acids are less likely to demineralize them. Fluoride also helps speed up the process of remineralization and can even interfere with acid production in teeth of both adults and kids for a positive outcome.

Fluoride Treatment

Child receiving fluoride treatment

A fluoride treatment is a simple part of teeth cleaning in Marysville. You will not likely need a treatment after every teeth cleaning, but the dentist at Allen Creek Family Dentistry may occasionally recommend one.

Applying the treatment is most effective after your teeth have been cleaned. Fluoride comes in a foam, gel, or varnish that is applied to all of your teeth. After a couple of minutes of use, the fluoride is safely rinsed away.

The advantage of a professional fluoride treatment from your family dentist is that the level of fluoride we use is significantly higher than it is in toothpaste or mouth rinses you can buy over-the-counter. When used correctly, fluoride is a safe and effective method of reducing the occurrence of tooth decay in both adults and children.