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Metal-Free Restorations—Allen Creek, WA

Restore a Tooth, Keep a White Smile

dental instruments in man’s mouthTake a guess how long cavities have been repaired with dental fillings. What is your answer? Two hundred years? More? The correct answer is closer to 9,500 years! In Pakistan, archaeologists discovered pre-historic molars filled with beeswax that date back that long.

Metal fillings were first used during the 19th century. A variety of metals including silver, tin and gold were softened and pressed into the tooth. During the later part of this same century, dental amalgams gained popularity. These fillings consisted of a mixture of the same metals and mercury. It was not long before the safety of mercury, a heavy metal, came into question. But for many years, metal fillings remained the best option for a filling or a dental crown.

Today, many patients want a safer, more attractive alternative to traditional dental metals. Thankfully, our practice now offers metal-free restorations in Allen Creek. These are made of composite resin or dental porcelain and offer a safer alternative as well as an aesthetically pleasing outcome that blends seamlessly in your smile.

The Bad News about Metal Restorations

Dentist and patientIt is true that your dentists in Marysville have used metal fillings reliably for many years. Today, we are happy to now primarily offer composite resin for the safety and comfort of our valued patients.  

First, metal fillings can slightly expand or contract every time you have foods and beverages that are hot or cold. This gradual bit of movement through the years can weaken the tooth and ultimately lead to damage.

Second, this repeated expansion and contraction may loosen the filling over time which gives harmful bacteria access to a tooth’s interior. If this happens, an infection could develop and necessitate a root canal. Other risks include gum disease or even the creation of an abscess.

Metal-Free Restorations: A Better Choice

Smiling coupleInstead of metals, composite resin is used for treating cavities at Allen Creek Family Dentistry.  Called a tooth-colored filling, these present no health risk and are actually stronger and healthier for your smile. Amalgam fillings merely rest within the prepared portion of a tooth and are held in place by pressure. On the other hand, a tooth-colored filling directly bonds with your tooth structure, locking out bacteria and strengthening the original shape.

Additionally, less tooth structure needs to be removed when placing a tooth-colored filling This conservative approach results in a tooth that is stronger and will likely remain healthier longer than a tooth with a metal filling.

Likewise, an all-porcelain tooth restoration offers many of the same benefits. Not only is porcelain safe and long-lasting, but it also mimics the appearance of your natural teeth so well that the restorations are indistinguishable in your mouth. You will not have to worry about dark lines forming along the gum line or any uncomfortable sensitivities. The restoration’s biocompatible nature is even a good fit for patients with proven allergies to dental metals!

With metal-free restorations, you will have a smile that looks better, teeth that are stronger, and improved oral health. Contact our Marysville, WA practice today to schedule a first appointment.

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