Porcelain Veneers – Marysville, WA

Transform Flawed Teeth Into Gorgeous Smiles

Woman with porcelain veneers smiling

Second chances are great, and that is exactly what porcelain veneers are. These dental wonders have given thousands of people a second chance at having smiles that are beautiful. Mother Nature may not have given you the smile of your dreams, but with porcelain veneers in Marysville, WA, the dentists at Allen Creek Family Dentistry can.

Why Choose Allen Creek Family Dentistry for
Porcelain Veneers?

  • Stain-Resistant Porcelain Veneers
  • Custom-Crafted for Each Tooth
  • Experienced Cosmetic Dentists

What Can Porcelain Veneers Do
for You?

Woman's smile compared with porcelain veneers color chart

For a smile that is attractive to others and reassuring for you, consider porcelain veneers in Marysville. They are high-quality restorations that are designed to be extremely thin. This is because they are bonded to the front of certain teeth as a way to correct several cosmetic flaws all at once, saving patients valuable time while still creating the beautiful, natural-looking improvements. Veneers can be used to correct a wide variety of concerns, including severe discoloration/staining, unwanted spaces, chips, cracks, and more.

The Process of
Getting Porcelain Veneers

Closeup of smile during porcelain veneer placement

Getting your new smile with veneers begins with a consultation. Our dentists will work closely with you to ensure that you are given the smile you had in mind. Each porcelain veneer is individually designed so that each new tooth looks natural. In this way, veneers not only correct the imperfections affecting a specific tooth, but they also ensure the appropriate size and shape of your mouth, lips and facial features.

Once you and your dentist in Marysville have settled on the overall look of your new smile, we can get started on the details of designing your porcelain veneers. We begin with a comprehensive collection of photographs, digital X-rays and impressions of your teeth. With this information, the dentist is able to design veneers that fit comfortably in your mouth.

Then, the dentist must slightly reduce the size of your teeth in order to make room for the veneers. A minimal amount of enamel is removed, equaling the thickness of a veneer. Once this step is done, we will cover the teeth with a temporary set of veneers made of acrylic. This restoration will not only protect your teeth, but will also give you some time to adjust to the feeling of the veneer within the mouth.

In a few short weeks, patients will return to Allen Creek Family Dentistry to have personalized porcelain veneers bonded into place. Made of fine dental porcelain, your veneers will look natural and can last for 10 years or more with daily oral hygiene and regular dental checkups.