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Marysville Preventive Dentistry for All Ages

Whether your growing child is ready for their first appointment or it has been a few years, our doctors and staff at Allen Creek Family Dentistry look forward to meeting you. Preventive care is the core of our practice, and we enjoy working hard to help you achieve and maintain wonderful oral health over the years. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about our available services or if you are ready to schedule an appointment here in Marysville, WA. We warmly welcome whole families, senior citizens and everyone in need of a quality dental experience.

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Women with black hair smilingWe suggest that all patients attend at least two regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings each year and maybe more if you are experiencing a chronic condition like periodontal disease or dental oversensitivity to decay that requires diligent maintenance. During these visits, our doctors and staff members take care to be as comprehensive as possible in our approach, reviewing each individual tooth, the gum tissue, the bite, the jaw, any existing restorative work like crowns and fillings and more. Digital X-rays will help us find any concerns that are hidden beneath the surface of your smile as well. After we have clearly identified any problems, we will work with you to devise a treatment plan that fits your needs and respects your budget.

Teeth cleanings are also important for children and adults alike because they remove the sticky, bacteria-filled film known as plaque that forms along the tooth surfaces and hardens into calculus (tartar) over time.  In order to help prevent tooth decay, our team will professionally remove these harmful substances and minor stains to leave smiles refreshed.

Children’s Dentistry

five kids smiling in the parkWe want our dental practice to be a home for patients at every stage of life, including the youngest members of your family. Parents will be comforted to know that Dr. Sharma is a mother herself, and she and the rest of the team strive to provide children’s dental care that is always gentle and friendly. Infants, toddlers, adolescents, teenagers and all other age groups are welcomed in for treatment, and we look forward to helping your son or daughter get started on the path to lifelong oral health right away.

Dental Sealants

Little girl with curly hair smilingDental sealants are a simple and effective form of preventive treatment that can result in a lower risk of cavities. The sealant is designed to cover the pits and folds in the chewing surfaces of back teeth which can be difficult areas to reach when first learning how to brush and floss at home. Once in place, they will block out food particles and bacteria that are likely to cause decay. Dental sealants should last with the help of oral hygiene and regular professional dental checkups, and our doctors may recommend having teeth resealed so that your family can enjoy continued protection against cavities.

Nightguards for Bruxism

woman at work smilingBruxism (teeth grinding) can be a common ailment resulting in gradual tooth wear-and-tear, severe headaches, jaw pain and other troubling symptoms over time. Our doctors can design a customized oral appliance (“nightguard”) to combat the condition and protect your valuable smile from harm. When worn during sleep, the nightguard will minimize contact between teeth and protect the jaw joints allowing patients to rest easier.

TMJ Therapy

dental night guard for TMJ TherapyYour temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is an essential part of the body that connects your lower jawbone to your skull. TMJ disorders occur when certain factors (such as trauma, arthritis or bruxism) result in pain that negatively affects the TMJ and surrounding facial muscles. Our doctors can help diagnose the presence of TMJ disorder during your next routine examination.


boy wearing red football helmetIn addition to treating bruxism, another common use of an oral appliance is to protect patients’ smiles during sporting events where physical contact is likely to happen. If you or your child loves playing sports, be sure to talk to our doctors about having a custom-made sportsguard fabricated. Unlike “one-size-fits-all” devices, a custom-made sportsguard is sturdy, comfortable and more flexible within the mouth. This means the athletes of your family will be able to focus all their attention on the big game without worry.

Oral Cancer Screenings

married couple standing outside huggingOral cancer screenings are an important part of regular examinations, during which one of our dentists will carefully check the face, tongue, neck, gums and lips for tell-tale symptoms that could indicate abnormal tissues. Our goal is to help you identify this dangerous health condition as soon as possible which greatly increases the chances of a full and successful recovery down the road.

Fluoride Treatment

woman wearing white sweater smilingFluoride is a mineral that occurs naturally in many foods and sources of water. Most communities have also added it to municipal water supplies. Research has shown that drinking fluoridated water on a regular basis can lead to stronger enamel overall and fewer instances of cavities by helping teeth become more resistant against the acid that food and plaque creates. If you and your family are not receiving the exposure you need to enjoy these benefits, our team may recommend professional fluoride applications as a part of routine appointments.

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