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Preserving Marysville Smiles with Restorative Dentistry

Even with the valuable help of preventive care, issues like tooth decay and oral injuries can still affect us over the course of our lives. Allen Creek Family Dentistry is here to support you with a warm, inviting office atmosphere and focused restorative care options that can effectively rebuild oral health. Our goal is to preserve your natural smile and only add what truly benefits your oral health and overall quality of life. Please contact us today for a comprehensive evaluation.

Dental Crowns & Bridges

dental crowns and bridgesA dental crown is a restoration that is designed to cover (or “cap”) an individual tooth, rebuilding its original shape, size, and strength while protecting the remaining natural structure underneath. Our doctors may recommend them in many different situations, including the following:

  • Preserving a weakened tooth
  • Rebuilding a worn down tooth
  • Repairing a broken or fractured tooth
  • Covering teeth that are suffering from notable cosmetic imperfections
  • Covering dental implants as a tooth replacement

Crowns may also be used to compose a dental bridge, which fills the space left by one or more consecutive missing teeth. Bridges are either held in place by dental crowns that attach over adjacent natural teeth, or dental implants that retain the bridge beneath the gum line for a healthier, longer-lasting result. 

Tooth-Colored Fillings

woman wearing green shirt smilingOur Marysville office offers a composite option that is mercury-free and can be closely shaded to match the natural color of your smile. In addition to their aesthetic benefits, tooth-colored fillings also allow our doctors to preserve more of your tooth’s natural structure during treatment, and their metal-free structure is less sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.

Root Canal Therapy

doctor and patient in dental exam roomDuring this procedure, our team accesses the inner chamber of the tooth and removes infected pulp and bacteria, thoroughly cleaning the area. After the tooth has been sealed, a custom-made restoration (such as a crown) is typically cemented in place on top to rebuild its full shape and strength.

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Teeth Extractions

man suffering from toothacheTeeth could be lost because of advanced decay or a sudden injury, or a patient may need one removed to make room for orthodontic treatment. Whatever your personal situation is, rest assured that our team will handle the procedure smoothly and comfortably. Oral conscious sedation, pain-free anesthetic delivery with The Wand, and other amenities are available to improve the quality of your experience.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

woman with short hair smilingWisdom teeth (also known as your third molars) are the last adult teeth to emerge into your smile between the ages of 16 and 22. These teeth can become impacted (trapped within the jawbone) or overcrowded. Our doctors will carefully review the status of wisdom teeth on a regular basis for our adolescent patients, and extraction may be recommended.

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