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Dental Implants in Marysville, WA

Dental Implants in Marysville, WA

Dental implants are among the most sought-after treatments used to replace missing teeth. They are made from a combination of metals and dental-grade ceramic, which allows them to stay strong and durable. The metal stud that takes the place of the tooth root is inserted into the jawbone to form a stable foundation. The ceramic crown will be placed on the implant to replace the tooth.

What Are the Advantages of Dental Implants?

  • Dental implants are highly durable, as they are made from a combination of metals and ceramic.
  • Implants help to restore oral functionality, thereby allowing you to bite and chew food as you did before losing your tooth.
  • They enable excellent phonetics and mimic the way natural teeth look and feel.
  • Implants are customized to match the exact appearance of your adjoining teeth, thereby keeping them discreet.
  • Their durability makes them last for several years without any hassle.

What Is the Procedure Involved in Getting Dental Implants?

Getting a dental implant requires multiple appointments with your dentist and a seemingly complicated process. During your initial visit, we will conduct a thorough diagnosis of your oral tissues and underlying jawbone. We ensure that you do not have any other oral condition that can prevent you from getting an implant. If you have an underlying health issue, we will treat it before moving ahead with the procedure. Next, we will administer local anesthesia to numb your teeth, gums, and jawbone. A small hole will be made on the jawbone where the implant stud will be inserted with the help of a dental drill. The hole will be cleaned and prepared, after which we will place the implant stud in it and secure it firmly using dental cement. We will suggest certain medications to prevent infection in the treated area after this procedure. 

During your next visit, we will place a temporary crown on your implant and instruct you to take care of it until your next appointment. During this visit, we will place a custom-fabricated crown on your implant using digital scans that serve as an exact reference for fabricating your crown. We will test its fit before making any changes to it. After it is finalized and deemed suitable for your oral cavity, we will bond it permanently using dental adhesives.

How Can I Care for My Implants?

Taking care of metal-based restorations is similar to caring for natural teeth. However, you must avoid biting or chewing hard objects with them as they can wear out or damage the metal studs. We highly recommend visiting our practice at least once every six months for professional cleaning and monitoring purposes.

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