Dental Extractions in Marysville, WA

Dental Extractions in Marysville, WA

A dental extraction is the removal of a tooth from the dental socket. It is usually performed to remove a tooth that is damaged, decayed, or very weak. You may have to have an extraction if your teeth are too crowded to allow space for permanent teeth to emerge or if you have wisdom teeth that are impacted and can’t erupt through the gums.

Common Reasons for Extractions

Tooth decay:Teeth can decay in several ways. Some people have inherited a tendency to decay, while others are affected because they don’t brush or floss regularly. If a tooth becomes too damaged to restore, it may need to be extracted. Some of the signs of tooth decay include loose fillings, pain while chewing, and sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks.

Severe gum disease:Gum disease is caused when plaque accumulates on your teeth above or below the gum line, causing inflammation, bleeding gums, and eventually the destruction of the bone structure holding your teeth in place. Left untreated for long, gum disease can destroy so much bone that your teeth begin to loosen and fall out completely.

Crowded teeth:Your permanent teeth may not erupt well if there isn’t enough space in your mouth. This condition is called malocclusion. It could be treated with orthodontic treatment such as braces or Invisalign, but sometimes you may need to have a few teeth extracted.

Impacted wisdom teeth:Wisdom teeth are usually the last ones to erupt through the gums. But when they don’t emerge correctly, they may get stuck in between other teeth. This can lead to severe pain and infections of the jawbone. Your dentist may recommend removing such impacted wisdom teeth to eliminate pain and infection of surrounding teeth and gums, as well as help you maintain good oral health.

Impacted canine:A canine tooth that doesn’t erupt through your gums looks like an extra tooth growing next to your last molars. This condition can cause jaw infections and severe pain in your jawbone if not treated on time. We will treat it by extracting it completely or by cutting off its tip so that it doesn’t grow any longer into your jawbone and cause more damage.

How Is an Extraction Performed?

A simple extraction takes about 15 minutes once you get into the dental office. You will be asked to sit in our dental chair while we administer sedation. We will disinfect your mouth by scrubbing it with special solutions before making an incision around the tooth to be extracted. We will grasp the tooth firmly using forceps and pull it out in one motion so as not to break it. 

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