Root Canals in Marysville, WA

Root Canals in Marysville, WA

A root canal treatment involves removing the infected pulp from within the tooth. It is one of the popular dental procedures performed by dentists worldwide and is quite effective in saving a tooth. The pulp contains the blood vessels that help nourish and provide sensation to the tooth. When the pulp is infected by bacteria, it could lead to a root canal infection.

What Causes a Root Canal Infection?

The most common cause of a root canal infection is cavities. Cavities are caused by erosion of the enamel due to the acidic nature of the microbes in the mouth. The microbes can erode a tooth’s enamel to such an extent that it could cause a cavity. A root canal infection can also be caused by external trauma to the teeth, gum disease, etc.

How Does the Treatment Work?

The dentist would take X-rays of the infected tooth to determine its severity. If it hasn’t progressed too far and hasn’t reached the inner layers of the tooth, it can be restored using a crown. But, if it has progressed too far and has reached the inner layers of the tooth, a root canal therapy will be required to save it. Root canal therapy involves removing all traces of infection from within the tooth using dental instruments. This is done with utmost care so as to not damage or crack any of its inner layers. Once all traces of infection are removed, we will place a small amount of medication within the tooth to hinder any further growth of bacteria. It will be covered with a crown which keeps it intact and prevents any further damage from occurring to it.

Advantages of Root Canal Therapy

Since there have been many advancements in dentistry recently, we have been able to prevent root canal infections from progressing much further. Most instances of infection could be treated by cleaning out the infected pulp and placing a crown on it. The advantage of such a procedure is that we are able to save half or more than half of your natural tooth’s structure by doing so. This prevents further complications such as weakening or crumbling of your teeth, discoloration, etc. In simple words, root canal therapy allows you to keep your natural teeth without much hassle!

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