Tooth-Colored Fillings – Marysville, WA

Repair Cavities Seamlessly

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As the saying goes, you have to take the good news with the bad news. Your dentists in Marysville may tell you that you have a cavity. That is the bad news. The good news, however, is if that cavity is caught early enough, then it can likely be repaired with tooth-colored fillings in Marysville, WA. Not only are these types of fillings aesthetically preferable to amalgam ones, but they are also stronger and healthier for you.

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Tooth-Colored Filling vs. Metal Filling

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Tooth-colored fillings are made of composite resin material, which is a mixture of medical-grade plastic and ground glass. This material is completely safe and biocompatible. A metal filling, on the other hand, is composed of a compound of metals, including mercury. Mercury was added to the amalgam of metals used for fillings during the 19th century because it made the filling stronger and the materials more pliable.

However, there was quickly concern about the health consequences of mercury. Studies show that this heavy metal may be able to leach into the blood and respiratory systems, leading to a number of health concerns throughout the body. Although, according to the American Dental Association, amalgam fillings have such a small amount in them, it is said to be safe. Nevertheless, we want our patients to have completely risk-free treatment, which is why we use composite resin instead.

The Process of Receiving
a Filling

Woman receiving tooth colored fillings

Today, dental fillings in Marysville are almost always tooth-colored. They provide a seamless look to your smile and they are just as strong as their metal counterparts. In addition, they offer another advantage: composite resin bonds to the remaining tooth structure.

A metal filling only rests within the hollowed-out portion of a tooth once the decay has been removed. In this way, the filling is essentially wedged into place. That is why metal fillings often need to be replaced as they loosen or leak around the edges.

A tooth-colored filling, however, is adhesively bonded to your tooth. This action prevents leaking and also helps to distribute the pressure of chewing throughout the entire tooth structure, which reduces the risk of a cracked tooth.

Most cavities occur in your molars because they have pits and grooves where bacteria can easily become trapped. If not removed with regular brushing, the bacteria excrete acids that begin to eat away at the enamel surface of a tooth, which leads to a cavity.

To care for a tooth that has a composite resin filling, you only need to brush and floss just as you do with your other teeth. With proper hygiene and regular checkups, you can expect your tooth-colored filling to last for many years.